Moving to a new country is hard. Even though Belgium is a great place to live, it does take some time getting used to how things are done. Below are some links that hopefully will help you settle in. The following links give you a bit of Canada while living in Belgium.


Official institutions

The following are mostly official and/or government related organizations and institutions.


The Government of Canada

Official website of the Government of Canada and a gateway to information on federal government departments and agencies.


Canadians travelling or living abroad

A very important website for all Canadians who travel or live abroad. This is the Government of Canada’s website for Canadians to register while abroad in case of any type of emergency as well as information on destinations, travel documents, health care and much more.


The Embassy of Canada to Belgium and Luxembourg

The Embassy serves Canadians living or visiting Belgium and Luxembourg. Their contact details are: 58 Avenue des Arts Brussels 1000. Phone: +32 (0) 2 741 06 11. Email: The consular hours are 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.


Mission of Canada to the European Union

The official website of Canada’s mission to the EU.


The Canadian Joint Delegation to NATO

Located at NATO, this is the Canadian Joint Delegation’s official website.


Délégation générale du Québec à Bruxelles

The official website of the Quebec Delegation in Brussels.


The Canadian Military Family Resource Centre (CMFRC)

The CMFRC is a support and drop-in centre for members of the Canadian military and their families in Belgium.


The Chamber of Commerce for Canada, Belgium and Luxembourg

The Chamber assists on promoting the development of commercial, financial and industrial links between the three countries as well as helping to improve investment links.


Living in Belgium

Information to help you settle into life in Belgium. If you know of a link that would be a help to other members, please contact us.


Brussels Capital Region

Information on living in Brussels (culture, tourism, leisure, transportation, working, education) and everything else you need to know to live in Brussels.



News and information for the international community in Belgium.


Cheese Web

A guide for expats in Belgium.


Brussels Life

A website about going out, shopping and living in Brussels.

News, forums and classified ads for those in Belgium.



A global network for expats in Brussels.


Expat Women in Flanders

Share your story!


Canadians living abroad

Canadians live all over the world. These links will help you connect with them.


The London Expat Canadian Meetup Group

Founded in 2006, this Meetup group now has over 1500 members. Each month a Wings Night is held along with the Vandoos Pub Night on the 22nd of every month.


Canada Day London

For over eight years, Canada Day London has been the biggest party for Canadians in Europe celebrating Canada Day.


Canadian International Club of Amsterdam

A social club that meets once a month at various venues in the Amsterdam area. The group provides a great opportunity for Canadians & friends looking for advice, support, networking, business opportunities, and friendship.


Canadian Club in the Netherlands (CCN)

The CNN provides social, cultural and educational activities for Canadians residing in the Netherlands.


The Paris Expat Canadian Meetup Group

Created for Expat Canadians in Paris.


Canadian Club of Northern Germany

For Canadians living in Northern Germany, men and women who meet on a regular basis.


Canada Club Bern, Switzerland

A club promoting a relaxed Canadian style for those living in the Bern area of Switzerland.


The Canadian Expat Association

Canuck Abroad

Wandering Beaver


The Canadian Club of Belgium does not endorse or guarantee the companies listed or their services. The CCB is not responsible for the content, validity, accuracy or appropriateness of the web sites found at this link or beyond. These external links are subject to change at any time.